Future State Design Sprint

We start our collaboration with a Future State Design Sprint: a short and effective program in which we investigate the current state of your operation and identify the means to achieve your desired future state.

Build your Future State

Every company faces different challenges, every challenge is carried by a different culture.

In order to realize operational excellence for you, it is vital that we get to know you first. The Future State Design Sprint is a fast and streamlined program in which we will gather all the information needed to collaboratively design a solution to fit your situation and culture.

What To Expect

During the Future State Design Sprint we analyze the current state, determine the future state and develop the future state design.

Current State

Part 1. "What To Change"

  • Interview key personnel
  • Review information flow and workflows
  • Workshop 1 (Current Reality)

Future State

Part 2. "What to Change To"

  • Workshop 2 (Operational Excellence)
  • Workshop 3 (Future Reality)
  • Workshop 4 (Goal Tree)

Future State Design

Part 3. "How to Cause the Change"

  • Presentation: Implementation Plan