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In the previous blogs we talked about the Current Reality and the Future Reality – two important parts of the process of CHANGE, or focused improvement of a business system. That change, as we mentioned before, is not instantaneous, and requires open mind, patience, dedication, and belief in positive outcome.


Lack of an organized information system

Through years of experience, we realized that one of the major issues many companies experience is the lack of an organized information system that shows the status of a product on each of its phases, from initial quote to the collection of cash. Most information systems provide a lot of data, but that data is not organized in a manner that can easily be used to support a repeatable and reproducible management decision process.


Effective v.s. Ineffective decision support systems

Our decision support system software helps to simplify the complex variables required to manage manufacturing capacity relative to the customer demand. In more detail, the effort to manage the complexity in the production system is replaced with a much simpler task of responding to only abnormal conditions that put an order at risk from delivering on-time to the customer.

Also, with an effective decision support system, the visibility needed to respond to issues is identified as early as the placement of an order. Whereas an ineffective decision support system results in expedited efforts to meet the customer commitments due to reacting to a problem at a point in time where the capability of the company cannot be easily adjusted.


Make your process more effective and less time consuming

With the decision support system software, three new and simple views of your company become realistic tools for success.

  • Firstly, you will obtain a more realistic view of the capacity constrained resources that the new orders will impact at the moment the new orders’ are placed by the customer.
  • Secondly, you will gain the means to review and monitor the effect of all the orders on resources as soon as a new order is committed. This way, the resource planning is directly tied to the customer requirements.
  • Thirdly, you will benefit from receiving the means of monitoring and understanding the actual execution of the plan and the ability to react to abnormal conditions much sooner rather than reacting to problems.

In businesses with serial processes, managing variability and dependencies between one step and another become a cornerstone to success, of which requires profound expertise on how to manage statistical variation within a complex environment. Our decision support system software will make that process more effective and less time consuming.


How can we help?

Using an expert company like Future State Engineering in lieu of in-house expertise will make the process of on-going improvement more effective, with much higher chances of fulfilling the organizational goals. Our company uses several tools that help businesses: optimize their production system effectiveness, reliability, and throughput; create appropriate infrastructure for higher volume production; minimize waste throughout manufacturing process; provide solutions and in-house training; assist with strategies; etc.

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