Is your organization looking for ways to achieve improved performance?

Join the interactive workshop 'Operational Excellence'. Learn more on this page.

Is your organization looking for ways to achieve improved performance?

Become A High Performing Organization To Increase Efficiency & Your Profits

In today’s economy, companies must progress from strategy to sustainability at an accelerated rate, to remain competitive and to differentiate itself from its competition.

Improve Performance

Future State Engineering develops strategy and tactics to achieve operational excellence. We deploy the latest methodologies for reducing fire-fighting and chaos in your organization, making processes reliable and predictable.

Control Business Outcomes

Improvement starts with visibility and controllability. We turn a sea of data into data you can see. This will instantly reveal the largest causes of disruptions in your organization and it will prioritize your workload, creating unanimous focus.

Achieve Your Future State

Only with the right design and implementation, your future state will be both visualized and achieved. Through trainings with your staff and management team, we provide you with the tools you need for sustainable improvement.

Is your organization looking for ways to achieve improved performance?
If so, this two day, highly interactive Operational Excellence workshop is valuable for you. During this workshop we will outline the steps to become a high performing organization.

This online interactive workshop will describe what operational excellence is and in doing so, will show participants how to uncover hidden opportunities within their organization. The focus of this workshop is to give participants a basic understanding of operational excellence and the conditions necessary to create a high performing organization. Topics covered include the roles of leadership and customer focus, how to measure and establish the correct performance metrics, how to define value from the perspective of the customer, how to create a stable and capable delivery system, and how to identify initiatives that could achieve a 20-25% productivity improvement with the current workforce.

Operational Excellence, Workshop Operational Excellence VSL, Future State Engineering

We needed proven methods to improve operational excellence on our work floor. Future State Engineering turned out to be extremely knowledgeable without being too ‘academic’. They engaged with our workforce on the right level and provided all the tools needed for sustainable improvement. – Stan Foster Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Superior Energy Resources, LLC

Operational Excellence, Workshop Operational Excellence VSL, Future State Engineering
  • About: This Operational Excellence multi-company online workshop is a hands-on, participative 2-day session to introduce and reinforce the concepts of Operational Excellence.
  • Location and timeframe: This version of the workshop will be held online using Zoom. It is a 2-day session – with each session lasting 4 hours.
  • When: For the
    • First session day: January 13, 2021, 10-2 pm EST
    • Second session day: January 15, 2021, 10-2 pm EST
  • Who: All functions within the organization (Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Operations, Engineering, Procurement, Human Resources, Finance, and Leadership).
  • Costs:
    1 Attendee $449 Total
    2 Attendees – $349 Total
    3-5 Attendees – $199 Total

'Operational Excellence Workshop '

In this workshop,
you will learn:

  • The role of Leadership and Customer Focus in achieving Operational Excellence
  • How to identify and create a strategy to achieve a decisive competitive advantage in your market(s)
  • The importance of measurement, and how to establish the right measurements, to induce the right behaviors that support the Operational Excellence strategy
  • How to create a stable and capable delivery system and learn why this is key before starting continuous improvement
  • How to expose hidden capacity and how to achieve a 20-25% improvement in productivity with the current workforce

Define the necessary conditions to:

  • Define and establish a clear and executable Operational Excellence strategy
  • Define the appropriate performance metrics that align with the strategy
  • Identify the right solutions to achieve superior performance by defining ‘what to change’ and ‘what to change to’
  • Develop an implementation plan that will define the transition plan to move the organization to the desired future state
Operational Excellence, Workshop Operational Excellence VSL, Future State Engineering

About the instructor

Max Krug provides operational excellence services expertise to organizations with the primary objective of improving financial and operational performance.

Max has 30 years of experience in operations, and his range of expertise and experience includes manufacturing operations, distribution, and project management environments.  His expertise is assisting organizations achieve Operational Excellence by utilizing Theory of Constraints, Lean Management, and Six Sigma methods. He works with companies to develop corporate strategy and provides hands-on implementation support of the tactics required to achieve Operational Excellence utilizing these techniques.

Max holds several certifications in Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma in addition to a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Alfred University and a MBA from St. Bonaventure University.


Max worked with Top Line with a focus on reliability through better on-time delivery performance. From an operational perspective, Max has the deepest, widest, operational understanding of anyone that I’ve ever worked with. He is really good at many things. He’s supportive, positive, gets group buy-in and has a great way of going about it. I don’t see very many people like him; it’s very rare to see his collection of traits. If there’s an opportunity to work with Max in the future, we’d do it without hesitation. – Staci Frantz General Manager at Top Line Process Equipment Company

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